review credit

Purple Panda Labs has hundreds of reviews and test reports online showing and documenting our company’s legitimacy. However, in an attempt to increase fresh reviews we will from now on be offering 10% off your order per review made(limit is 2 reviews per order, 20% max credit can be achieved for an order). We are looking for the following type of reviews:

1.) T/A review(speed in which you received your product)

2.) Customer service and overall experience review(if any ways to improve your experience can be thought of please include them in the review)

3.) Anecdotal experience with the products you have received 

4.) Speaking about what you thought of the stealth( without disclosing the actual stealth method)

Please send an email with links to your review(s) made and we will give you the credit.

Please choose one of the following websites to leave your review on:

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