Debit/Credit Card payment

Paying with a Debit or Credit card

1.) Please visit: or download the mobile App

2.) Make an account

3.) After you have made an account go to “Send Money”

4.) Select the currency you are sending with (Only select to pay with a Debit or credit card, bank transfers can take long periods of time to transpire)

5.) Select the receiving currency as CHINESE YUAN****

6.) It will ask you “Who are you sending money to?”

7.) Click “someone else”

8.) It will ask you for: 

(Their email): 

(Full name of account holder): 

(Union pay account number): 

(Address)potentially will ask this: 

(City) potentially will ask this: 

(Zip Code) potentially will ask this: 

(Country) potentially will ask this: 

9.) Fill in the necessary information requested of you

10.) Take a screenshot of the exact amount of money we will be receiving or the transaction details and email us the picture. We will go in and update your order as soon as we confirm payment 


If your order is over $500 then your bank may need you to call and confirm the payment as they may suspect the payment to transferwise is fraud. I would suggest calling your bank and confirming the payment if your order is $500 or more.

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