Getting bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

Receiving Western Union payments has become harder and harder. We have kept changing new receivers, but they got limited easily. Some accounts can only receive 3 transactions lately.

One of our customers had tried 6 times for one payment without success.

Western union agents may consider a transaction is high-risk, or possible money laundry, or they think there are a lot of thieves in China. Yes, that was what one of our customers told us.


So, when customers send us Western union payments and it can’t get through, there is nothing we can do to but to tell you send it again or to send to another receiver, keep trying, back and forth.


While the cryptocurrencies are so convenient and controllable, we don’t know why we keep sticking to Western Union.


So, please start learning how to use bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.


Google “how to get bitcoin” you will have many answers


Here is our version, simple.


To start,


1.     Get a bitcoin wallet. )

There are only several buttons. Click Receive you can see your wallet number. If you want to receive coins from others you give them your address.  Click Send you can fill in the receiver’s address and fill in the amount you want to send.


2.     Get bitcoin ) is the place that you can buy bitcoin without getting questioned. The site provides escrow service for individual buyer and seller.

      Register an account, find bitcoin sellers in your country, choose the payment method. Lots payment methods you can choose from.

In the transaction the sellers coins will be frozen. You pay, and he confirms receiving the money, and he will release the coins to you. Transaction end. The coins will be in your account


3.     Withdraw the bitcoin to your blockchain wallet


4.      But whatever you need 

         You can choose the bitcoin payment option on our website, scan the QR code and pay for the order


5.     Hasta la vista, baby Western Union.


There are a lot of good wallet provider and good places to get bitcoins. When we introduce these, they are just workable starts. When you get familiar with wallet and coins you may find better choices .


After you start using bitcoin, you will know about other cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin is not untraceable, but when you have bitcoin you can change it to another cryptocurrency: LTC. It is secure, private, and untraceable, so far.